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  • Thursday, 05 August 2021
Innovative Game Developer Zeck Wong and his Team launches new role-playing game “ZLM Crafter”

Innovative Game Developer Zeck Wong and his Team launches new role-playing game “ZLM Crafter”

Zeck Wong - 王鈞治 and his team have again reiterated their goal of creating the best possible experience for game enthusiasts in different parts of the world with the launch of their new roleplaying game ZLM Crafter. The game development team has become increasingly popular in recent times for providing innovative gaming solutions that engage players and challenge their intellect in a fun way.

The gaming industry has evolved the years, with different stakeholders, from gamers to developers and even retailers coming up with innovative products to ensure that everyone is satisfied. One brand that has suddenly disrupted the market in a relatively short while is ZLM Crafter(Yes! Their company name is identical to their new creation). The company is a team of tech enthusiasts and solutions providers that are determined to change the way people interact with their electronic devices.

Led by the experienced is Zeck Wong - 王鈞治, a digital media expert and gaming enthusiast, ZLM Crafter’s team has evolved from being a team of gamers to a game development group. ZLM Crafter game is a reiteration of the creativity and ingenuity of the team.

ZLM Crafter is a role-playing game that takes players through different timelines from the perspective of the camera. Developed by Zeck Wong - 王鈞治, the innovative game helps users of mobile devices to get more from their camera and explore what happened in the “Blink Project.”

For more information about the ZLM Crafter game and other projects from the ZLM Crafter team, please visit - https://zlmcrafter.com/  and YouTube.

About ZLM Crafter

ZLM Crafter was created in August 2012 as a gaming team. Over the years, the company has evolved, venturing into game development to meet the diverse needs of gaming enthusiasts. The company also has a music team named “Blink Cam Music,” with a verified page on YouTube.

Media Contact
Company Name: ZLM Crafter
Contact Person: Zeck Wong - 王鈞治
Email: Send Email
Country: HongKong
Website: https://zlmcrafter.com/ 

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